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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I find the model number of my refrigerator?
    For most refrigerators, the model number label will be near an upper corner, on the top or side wall, or behind a crisper drawer. The number is often written after these words MOD#: . If you cannot easily locate the label, you can refer to your refrigerator's user manual to locate it, or consult the manufacturer's website or your purchase receipt. You can then enter your model number in our search tool (green band with the magnifying glass), and you will obtain proposals for parts compatible with your refrigerator. Otherwise, you can make a request via our form.
  • Is there a warranty on refrigerator parts?
    No warranty is offered on our parts.
  • Can I return a fridge part?
    No returns will be accepted unless the part has been broken in transit. Be sure to order the correct part! If there was a breakage during transport, please send us a photo and explain the situation to us; we will investigate if we can replace or refund the part.
  • Why should I replace broken parts in my refrigerator?
    First, your refrigerator is functional and has monetary value. Second, the prices of new appliances are constantly rising and there may be a long delivery time. When you are able to stretch the useful life of an appliance, you save money or you can also help someone else benefit from a fridge at a lower cost. In this way, you contribute to the circular economy.
  • How can a spare part be compatible with several brands and models of fridge?
    RepairYourFridge has access to a database which lists and ensures all the compatibility of a part according to the model number. For example, a Whirlpool crisper drawer can work with some models from Kenmore, Maytag, Amana, Inglis, and KitchenAid. This is often because a manufacturer has bought other brands
  • Why is it difficult to find a new part for my refrigerator?
    Manufacturers can make fridge parts and instruction manuals unavailable after a certain period of time, or limit their access to repair technicians only. Usually, manufacturers keep spare parts in stock for 5 years after a refrigerator is manufactured. RepairYourFridge's recycled parts come from the PureSphera Group's refrigerator dismantling operations in Bécancour. GoRecycle has set up drop-off points in partnership with municipalities across Quebec and then sends them to PureSphera to ensure recycling meets regulatory requirements with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases.
  • My refrigerator parts are no longer available, what can I do?
    We have parts that come from refrigerators dating from the 80s to today. If you wish to wait, we will continue the search until we find your part.
  • I am looking for a part for a 30-inch-wide Kenmore refrigerator, how can I be sure to have the part if the company no longer exists?
    We can find your part faster by using a photo of your refrigerator front as well as a photo of your damaged part. In addition, we ask for the dimensions to confirm everything. Models usually have several compatible parts. However, we need to validate it.
  • If I make a request by form, how long will it take you to find my spare part?
    If your part is not in our online store, you can make a request via our form. Given our high inventory of end-of-life refrigerators, we can quickly find your part request. On the other hand, some models are rarer. We are a new company and will continue to improve to get your part to you as soon as possible.
  • How am I reducing my carbon footprint?
    By buying from RepairYourFridge, you use a plastic part that is already molded instead of producing a new one from petroleum. The effects on transport are also considerable. Every gesture counts!
  • How do I encourage the local economy?
    We have a team dedicated to the reuse of end-of-life refrigerators and a team to recycle parts.

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Order a recycled part to repair your fridge, it's an eco-responsible and economical action. 

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