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Indoor tablet. Brand Frigidaire, Kenmore and others. 30 inch models. Dimensions 4 X 12-1/4 X 19-1/4 inches.

Fridge Glass Shelf, Large

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  • P2200656
  • CGHT1846MF2 CGHT1846MF4 CGHT1846MF5 CGHT1846MP2 CGHT1846MP4 CGHT1846MP5 CGHT1846PF0 DGHT1844KF1 DGHT1844KF2 DGHT1844KF4 DGHT1844KF5 DGHT1844KF7 DGHT1844KF8 DGHT1844KR0 DGHT1844KR2 DGHT1844KR4 DGHT1844KR5 DGHT1844KR7 DGHT1844KR8 DGHT1844PF0 DGHT1844PF1 FGHI1864QE0 FGHI1864QF0 FGHI1864QP0 FGHT1834KB0 FGHT1834KB1 FGHT1834KB2 FGHT1834KB3 FGHT1834KB5 FGHT1834KB6 FGHT1834KB8 FGHT1834KB9 FGHT1834KQ0 FGHT1834KQ1 FGHT1834KQ2 FGHT1834KQ3 FGHT1834KQ5 FGHT1834KQ6 FGHT1834KQ8 FGHT1834KQ9 FGHT1834KW0 FGHT1834KW1 FGHT1834KW2 FGHT1834KW3 FGHT1834KW5 FGHT1834KW6 FGHT1834KW8 FGHT1834KW9 FGHT1844KF0 FGHT1844KF1 FGHT1844KF2 FGHT1844KF4 FGHT1844KF5 FGHT1844KF6 FGHT1844KF7 FGHT1844KF8 FGHT1844KR0 FGHT1844KR1 FGHT1844KR2 FGHT1844KR4 FGHT1844KR5 FGHT1844KR6 FGHT1844KR7 FGHT1844KR8 FGHT1844PF0 FGHT1846KE0 FGHT1846KE1 FGHT1846KE2 FGHT1846KE4 FGHT1846KE5 FGHT1846KE7 FGHT1846KF0 FGHT1846KF1 FGHT1846KF2 FGHT1846KF4 FGHT1846KF5 FGHT1846KF7 FGHT1846KP0 FGHT1846KP1 FGHT1846KP2 FGHT1846KP4 FGHT1846KP5 FGHT1846KP7 FGHT1846KR0 FGHT1846KR1 FGHT1846KR2 FGHT1846KR4 FGHT1846KR5 FGHT1846KR7 FGHT1846PF0 FGHT1848PF0 FGHT1848PF1 FGHT1848PF2 FGHT1848PF3 FGHT1848PF4 FGHT1848PF5 FGUI1849LE0 FGUI1849LE1 FGUI1849LE2 FGUI1849LF0 FGUI1849LF1 FGUI1849LF2 FGUI1849LP0 FGUI1849LP1 FGUI1849LP2 FGUI1849LR0 FGUI1849LR1 FGUI1849LR2 FGUI1849PF0 FPHI1887KF0 FPHI1887KF1 FPHI1887KF2 FPHI1887KR0 FPHI1887KR1 FPHI1887KR2 FPHI1888PF0 FPHI1888PF1 FPHI1888PF2 FPHI1888PF3 FPHI1888PF4 FPHI1888PF5 FPHI1888PF6 FPHI1888PF8 FPUI1888LF0 FPUI1888LF1 FPUI1888LF2 FPUI1888LR0 FPUI1888LR1 FPUI1888LR2 FPUI1888PF0 LGHT1837LE0 LGHT1837LE1 LGHT1837LE3 LGHT1837LE4 LGHT1837LE5 LGHT1837LE6 LGHT1837LE7 LGHT1837LE8 LGHT1837LE9 LGHT1837LP0 LGHT1837LP1 LGHT1837LP3 LGHT1837LP4 LGHT1837LP5 LGHT1837LP6 LGHT1837LP7 LGHT1837LP8 LGHT1837LP9 LGHT1837NF1 LGHT1837NF3 LGHT1837NF4 LGHT1837NF5 LGHT1837NF6 LGUI1849LE0 LGUI1849LE1 LGUI1849LE2 LGUI1849LF0 LGUI1849LF1 LGUI1849LF2 LGUI1849LP0 LGUI1849LP1 LGUI1849LP2 LGUI1849LR0 LGUI1849LR1 LGUI1849LR2 XFUT1826MW0 XFUT1826MW1 XGTI1845KF0 XGTI1845KR0

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